Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I spoke to the producer of MommyCast.com today. I am sending them an advanced copy of Rock Star Mommy.

The Mydols were the very first guests on this popular podcast show. That's a very cool feather in our cap.

We discussed the possibility of doing an event together in Washington DC. So far, if everything works out I'll be in St. Paul, Nashville, New York, Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles and DC next year. Whew!

I got my copy-edited version of Rock Star Mommy in the mail today. It's a hard copy with all sorts of notes in the margins etc. It's my LAST chance to look at it before it goes out to print. It's got to be back in New York by November 5.

Dylan has his first high school band concert tonight. He brought home a tux to wear. He's all grown up.