Monday, October 29, 2007


The Mydols played at Gilda's Club tonight. Since our bass player moved to Seattle and our drummer was busy, Kara and I enlisted the help of three "real" Detroit music scene pros--two of them were guys!

We only practiced once and let me tell you it was a bit rough! But we had a ball.

There were lots of kids there and we tried to recruit a little girl sitting in the front row to come up and sing with us. Her mom was egging her on too and the girl said "You're embarrassing me!" Then, Johnny, our drummer said "I'm embarrassed too!" And then Mark, our bass player, said "We're all embarrassed!"

It was so true. And I think that is the difference between adults and kids. You learn that it doesn't kill you to try something new. Who cares if you are good or not? We laughed right through our mistakes and the audience had a ball. No one in the audience worried if we missed a note or not so why should we? Smile and the world smiles with you. And that is what Gilda's Club is all about. I LOVE Gilda's Club. The people there are such a joy to be around.