Saturday, October 6, 2007


Well I did it. I danced last night with the Hazel Park High School Vikettes and Willie said I was really good. (My Mom, Dad and Dylan came too. John was out of town.) Sometimes a person can just be proud for getting their butt off the couch and doing something whether they are good or bad. And that's how I felt last night. I was just proud to be there. Is was a little sad though to see how few people turned out for the game. Mrs. C. (the Vikette advisor) said that's why she wants to few parents care any more. When I was a Vikette 112 girls tried out. This year she only had 15 girls try out.

After the half time performance, we had a reception in the library and it looked exactly the same as when I went there. There is a painting of John Kennedy that looks like it hasn't been moved since the 1960s.

Today Willie had a soccer game in the sweltering October sun. Yikes! It sure doesn't feel like Fall. I was the line ref for the game and I was miserable. Willie earned the game ball this week so we have it in our house until next Saturday. We're very proud of him.

Dylan and I are going to the funeral home this afternoon. One of his teammate's father passed away. The whole freshman soccer team is going up together for support. It's very sad, but I am proud of the boys for their compassion for a teammate and friend.

When I get home I'm off to the office to work on my editor's comments.