Saturday, April 4, 2009


I help teach Catechism classes on Tuesday night. I assist Mrs. Shukwit and she is a big fan of the rosary. She has been teaching the kids the really formal way to pray it.

When I went to a retreat a few weeks ago I bought a rosary from the Benedictine Monks. It's very plain. Wooden beads. I started taking it with me wherever I go. It's kind of like my worry beads.

Well since I have been taking the rosary with me, and visiting the grotto at Manresa, I have had really good luck. I'm on MSNBC's website. I'm talking to an NPR producer next week, and I just found out I'll be on the Author's Radio show. I think when you take a deep breath and concentrate on what is right with the world, not what is wrong--you see clearer and you speak clearer.