Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I have been praying like mad and finding peace with myself. In the past week, out of no where, I have picked up all kinds of interviews. I am on the MSNBC site and next week I will be on NPR. The work has been pouring in. But a wierd thing started happening. My church started calling me to volunteer. I was never one to do a lot at church and now I find myself there constantly. The kids ask why and I say Bridget asked me (she's the religious coordinator) and John always adds "Jesus signs Bridget's paycheck." So last night my whole family was working at our parish mission and a lady approached Dylan and asked him to participate in Thursday's mass by letting Father Ken wash his feet. He was MORTIFIED. I jumped in and asked if I could do it, thinking I'd get him off the hook and she said "You can do it too. We need 12 people" and then proceeded to sign us BOTH up. I thought Dylan was going to cry! But I am convinced when you ask God for something, he gives it to you, but then he asks you for something too. Now I better get a pedicure.