Thursday, April 30, 2009


My husband had his gall bladder removed on Tuesday. What was supposed to be an "easy" surgery didn't go quite as planned. The doctor said he's barrel chested--whatever that means-- and he had a hard time getting to the gall bladder. He was supposed to make 3 small incisions and I swear John's belly looks like a pin cushion. He's OK though. Sleeping on the couch as I type.

I have quite a bit of work to do today, and the house is quiet so I am catching up on some DVDs I have to review, while John sleeps and I type.

First video I watched was Joyce Meyer's "Battlefield of the Mind". Now I have never heard of her, but John recognized her immediately from television.

Of course, I'm interested in the DVD topic--positive thinking. When I saw Joyce, well I thought this might be a little preachy for my taste. To be honest she reminded me of my scary high school English teacher who terrified all her students but who taught us so much. The teacher who forced us to focus.

The video is pretty terrific. Joyce has so much good advice and how to think and believe in yourself. How to be in charge of your life. How to be merciful. How to be patient. And how to listen. How to hear God's voice. If you can get past her gruff demeanor and just listen to her and open your heart to her message, I think you can really be enlightened.

(John just blurted out--with eyes closed--"She's annoying, isn't she?" I disagree!)