Thursday, September 6, 2007


I got my pix back from Oakland today. Here's one of our stage. Wasn't it cute? We had really great weather. Check out the blue skies...

Well after a weekend of feeling like the "rocker" part of "mom rocker", I'm back to feeling like M-O-M part. I worked the JV Soccer game (Dylan was the ball boy) selling t-shirts. I drove back and forth from the High School 4 times today. ARGH!

I'm hosting a website for the Freshman soccer team and designing/selling T-shirts, hoodies, sweats and window decals for all the teams. Can you say S-O-C-C-E-R M-O-M?

Next week I start my PTSA duties at the Middle School.

But, I have a few things I'm doing for me. I'll be talking to Tiffany Petrossi of some time next. I'm hoping to partner with her on a few projects. And I'm hoping to speak to a screenwriter who is interested in my book next week too!

And last but not least, The Mydols are going to play at Gilda's Club Noogiefest Halloween Party. We did it last year and we had so much fun. Gilda's Club is such a wonderful organization. We're really happy to feel like we are part of their family.