Sunday, September 16, 2007


I spent the WHOLE day working on invitations for my parents' 50the Wedding Anniversary. When they celebrate their 75th I'm going to ORDER the invitations. The ones I made turned out very nice but I think I'll gouge my eyes out with a fork if I ever see gold ribbon again. (It was a pain in the bum to tie a ribbon on each invite.)

Later I called my friend David Reed. ( Check out the events/music section and you'll see me! He also shot the cover of my book.) He's going to photograph the party for us. He does such great work and he just lives down the street so I love working with him.

I was emailing my sisters with a party update when my friend Karen called and said she just saw me on HGTV. It seems they are running the segment they did on our house 2 years ago AGAIN. Karen had never seen it and she was so excited. It was cute talking to her.

I also got an email from JeeYeon, our Korean exchange student. Her English is still very good. I miss her so much on days like today. I mean, she would have helped me tie all those bows. (The boys let me suffer alone.) JeeYeon and I used to package all the Mydols' Pop Tartz box sets. It would take us hours. I sent her pix of Dylan playing soccer and I missed her even more. It sure was good to hear from her. She is doing great!! I cannot not wait until we meet again.

Today was a good day.