Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I took yesterday off. It was the kids' first day of school. I walked to school with Willie as his new building is only 2 blocks away. They renovated the old high school into a middle school and I volunteered to help direct kids to classrooms. Everyone was lost. I also spoke to the PTSA President and I took on a position in the executive committee so I'll be active at both the high school (Athletic Boosters) and middle school this year.

Dylan also started high school yesterday and seemed to have a good first day. He found all his classes OK. He got himself to soccer practice right after school. He seems really organized. He's really growing up. He's become very independent.

I did some writing in the afternoon after I got back from the middle school. I spoke to my agent about my new book which is a middle reader novel. I can't want for her to read it. In the meantime, we are now working with Joel Gotler who is a book-to-film literary agent. He read my manuscript and liked it. He's talking to a few producers on my behalf. I found a very interesting article about about him Hartford Observer. I look forward to working with him.