Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My book promo covers arrived yesterday. Danielle (my editor) was right. They look amazing.

In the meantime, I am writing again, but this time about a bridge. My father-in-law and I drove from Detroit to Goderich, ON to go to a Friends of Ball's Bridge meeting and I took on an assignment from the group to write a "history" book that we'll self-publish. I also volunteered to design some brochures for the area hotels and the Tourist Information Center. AND I'm designing a t-shirt for the group!

While we were in Canada, we got to visit with Erik, Molly, Angie, Bruce, Mary, Doug, Carson, Riley and Mason. (All relatives who were staying at our family cottage.) I got to see them all again yesterday at Grandma Willer's house for a very enjoyable pizza/pool party back in Detroit. A bunch of Willers--I haven't seen in ages--were there. I got to show off my book covers and got lots of promises from people willing to come to a book signing next April.

AND...I am excited about this. An idea for a children's book came to me in a dream. I am very excited about the possibility of writing a book in which my sons (at the ages of 8 and 6) will be characters. I gave them my pitch while we took Barney and Ozzie for a walk and we chose their fictional names. They will be Robbie and Jimmy Dewberry.

Dylan has his first High School soccer game tonight. Go RAVENS!!

John's drawings for Ernie Harwell's Tiger Stadium proposal were fantastically received at a presentation.