Friday, August 17, 2007


Congratulations Dylan! He made the freshman high school soccer club after a grueling 3 day tryout in which 100s of boys showed up. Dylan had the best freshman time in the 3.5 mile run. Had he not made the soccer team, we would have encouraged him to run cross-country.

The team had practice twice a day this week, which is challenging for us working moms and dads, but we are managing with the help of other parents. The team has a scrimmage this weekend in Grand Rapids so I'll be spending 2 1/2 hours in a car with 6 sweaty teenagers. FUN!

We are super proud of Dylan!

We also brought home Barney, the 3-year-old Beagle yesterday. He has a lovely bellow and a nose that won't quit! We took Ozzie and Barney (don't their names sound like a couple of old TV dectectives?) to Grandma's house yesterday and Barney's nose led him to a circus peanut under her couch! We were all impressed with his great detective work, however that's about all he has going for him at the moment. (Other than the fact he is adorable.) He has been on his own for so long that he doesn't know any commands--even simple ones like "sit". And his name? Well, his foster mom gave it to him and he doesn't know it either. We took him for a walk down town yesterday and one of the shop owners tried to get his attention and he looked at me and said "That dog's name is NOT Barney." (Maybe his name is Sebastian. Another shop owner tried to convince me to take him to a dog psychic to learn about his past. Royal Oak is filled with lots of friendly nuts and I manage to meet them all.) We'll never know....but he looks like a Barney to me so I think we'll keep it.