Friday, August 24, 2007


Citadel Press says:

When suburban mother of two Judy Davids picked up a guitar and conspired with the neighborhood moms to form an all-mom rock band, she never imagined it would actually happen. But within weeks, The Mydols were born.

Rock Star Mommy chronicles Davids’s experiences as a music fan, a mother, and the leader of The Mydols (one of the first “mommy” rock bands in the country); and tells the story behind the band’s creation, its path to success, and the inspiration it gave to Judy—and so many other moms—to embrace their creativity and live their dreams.

With gentle humor and biting wit, Davids explores themes of music, creativity, and motherhood—and where the three overlap. Packed with fun anecdotes from Judy’s experiences—such as dying her hair pink, and tricking her husband into buying a thousand-dollar drum kit—Rock Star Mommy features entertaining sidebars such as “Signs You’re Ready to Rock,” “Mommy Rock Lingo,” and “Out of the Mouths of Moms” (wise and wisecracking quotes from moms who rock).

Engaging fun interwoven with poignant observations, Rock Star Mommy is a rallying cry
for any woman wants to pursue her dreams and be a mom at the same time. More...