Friday, June 29, 2007


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This week has been crazy! On Wednesday we took Willie to a music camp he auditioned for and got a scholarship to. He was so excited. We went with him to his afternoon camp audition and then hung out for a few hours. We were by the lake and he said "Mom, I think I'm going to love this place." I volunteered to visit him on Sunday but he said he rather see what fun things they might have planned at camp. I was really proud of him. Then I did a dumb thing. I kissed him good-bye and started crying!

We decided THAT maybe I shouldn't leave just yet and we went for a Slushie instead. Nothing like a good sugar buzz to help you forgot your troubles. We were sharing our drink and he said "Mom, maybe you should come up on Sunday."

I took him back to his room and the boys were all playing dodge ball with an orange. Willie jumped right in the fun.

Before he left, he made the above Meez of me. It's pretty cute.

Dylan has been working out every morning from 7-9 AM, then rides his bike home and then has a gym class from noon to 4 PM. He is sooooooo mature. There was a nice story in the paper today about his ACT test score (34!!!) and the award he got from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL.

Also this week I spoke to screenwriter, Gail Gilchriest, and found out today that we are booked to play the Art and Soul Festival in Oakland, CA!!!