Thursday, June 14, 2007


I was talking to my friend Laura today about doing some writers' workshops at Gilda's Club in the fall. Many of the members would like to share their experiences with cancer with their families and friends. I think I can inspire them to write.

I was telling Laura, "Look if I can be a writer, then anyone can. I have no training. No experience. But I have a story--that I think is a pretty good one--and I want to share it."

So far it's been easier than learning how to play guitar.

Then out of the blue, Laura told me that I remind her of Sonny Bono. Like me, Sonny was born in Detroit. He was Italian. (Me too.) A little spacey. And he never had a lot of musical talent. He did, however, have determination and a decent sense of humor.

Hey! He does sound like me.

In a few years--when menopause kicks in--I think I might try to grow a mustache like his.