Thursday, June 14, 2007


I helped my mother-in-law with her class reunion last weekend. She graduated in 1949 but the event covered anyone who went to Madison High School between 1935 and 1959.
It was well attended. All the oldtimers came out for the day and everyone brought a dish.
The elderly sure love their deviled eggs and Jello, but they can't hear or see. I had to bring my gig amp so we could make announcements. I have played in clubs and never turned the volume up past around "5" but for this Iot I turned it up to "10" and they still couldn't hear me.

Then I was working the "check in" table and some old man asked me what year I graduated. (I gave up my Sunday afternoon to be insulted.) When I told him '78. He said "YOU'RE 78?" I gave him his name tag so he could remember who he was and sent him on his way.