Monday, June 11, 2007


Last October (2006) my husband, John, and my sons went to a Michigan football game. I knew they would be gone all day so I tried to use my free time in the best way imaginable. I decided I wanted to write a book.

Another woman, a better woman, might have said to herself "My house is a mess." But not me. I don't have time for that.

I queried 4 book agents that day in October. I got responses from two saying they wanted to talk to me, an "I'm-too-busy" form letter from another, and I am still waiting to hear from the fourth.

I ended up going with the first women I sent an email to--Kate Epstein. It was a gut thing. Or maybe it was a lazy thing. Either way it was the right thing. (I picked my sons' caregiver the same way. I spoke to one person and fell in love with her and never made another phone call. And it was the best decision I ever made.)

I'm digressing here. So I got an agent, we wrote a proposal, sold it and today I got the cover art. And it's pretty damn cute and I'm in an extremely good mood.