Thursday, July 5, 2007


My 75% manuscript review is due on July 15, but I've already turned it in. I was hoping to spend this week, while Willie was at camp, completing my100% MS review, which isn't due until September 15. I'm almost there but the week has not been as productive as I had hoped.

For starters I forgot that I promised Ginny I would participate in the Duck Race she organizes. I told her I would paint a decoy for Rock Star Mommy and also paint one for the Founder's Festival. John helped me and we spent an entire day on the two decoys. John's turned out lovely but mine was sort of a mess. It's pink and has a blonde wig and it looks like a tramp. Both ducks are on display in downtown Farmington.

On Monday rather than write, I somehow I managed to waste an entire afternoon looking for airline tickets. I booked my flight to San Francisco where The Mydols will be this Labor Day Weekend. We were each given a $300 stipend to purchase a flight and I was able to find one for $298 on Spirit. But I couldn't stop there. I checked out flights to Halifax, Nova Scotia too, where we are vacationing this summer. In addition to going to all 50 states (we've been to 48) we're going to try and visit all ten Provinces of Canada. We are planning to visit Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island this summer. Somebody stop me! Next I checked into flights to Alaska. You need to book those a year in advance. The only flights they have available right now (using our frequent flyer miles) start in June 2008. I figure once I have the boys' school schedules, I better jump on snatching up our Alaskan flights for next summer.

On Tuesday I got a phone call from the Nashville Zoo inquiring about MamapaZOOza. If everything works out, we'll be having a concert there on Mother's Day 2008 which is great because my sister Kim lives in Nashville and I'll get to spend some time with her. After I got off the phone, I hurried to pick up Dylan from his gym class to meet John, Fred Butters, and his girlfriend Ann at Copper Creek in Southfield. Fred's an attorney and his law firm treated us to a Tiger game and dinner at Comerica Park.

I have to admit, I hate to go to Comerica Park. All it does is make me homesick for Tiger Stadium. John and I shared stories with Fred about seeing Tom Petty, Alice Cooper and even sitting with Toni Tenille at the old stadium. The whole time I watched the game, I was flooded with memories. We were interviewed by Scott Simon for NPR at Tiger Stadium. I was photographed there by Life Magazine photographer Jay Maisel. (He still has my picture on his website.) We ate pecan pie with Ernie Harwell and my teenage heart-throb Mark Fidrych in the owner's box. And I got over 30 baseballs during the games while I sat in my seat. I told Fred the story of being the only person in the stadium Reggie Jackson signed an autograph for during a 4-game series.

Somehow during all my day dreaming I managed to spot Bob Seger at Comerica Park. He was sitting off to the side of our seats. I spent the game watching him. John walked over to his seats to point him out to Fred and Ann. And right after he left Bob got up to get some hot dogs. When he came back, it seemed he couldn't remember where he had been sitting. A bunch of fans got involved and pointed him in the right direction. Maybe rock and roll never forgets but on occasion Bob Seger does.

On the Fourth of July we had a barbeque for my family. Nothing really eventful happened but it was a lovely day all the same.

And that brings me to today. I completed Chapter 13 - The Wheels on the Minivan: Touring Mom Style. And I got a good jump on Chapter 14 which is about competing in Little Steven's Battle of the Bands.