Friday, July 6, 2007


I spoke to Maureen today at the Detroit Zoo and she said she got a lot of calls this week regarding MamapaZOOza from other Zoos. They're all excited about Moms Gone Wild! I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time in Zoos across America next summer. (In 2007, The Mydols, Candy Band, McCabes Ladies and Jo Serrapere all played at the Detroit Zoo.)

I also spoke to the director of a home for adolescent girls today. I willing be starting a Writers Club in the fall for them after school. I can't wait to get started. We'll meet one day a week. Many of the girls at the home are already into journaling. EVERYONE has a story to tell.

I've spoke to Gilda's Club and I am hoping to run a workshop there as well that will also happen this fall.

Kate, my lit agent, sent back Chapter 13 with her comments. I am so lucky to have found her. If I get my chapter back and it has lots of [hee]s, [snort]s, and [HAW!]s I know it's good! I love to make my agent laugh. (She also tells me when a joke falls flat too--but she is kind about it. She'd never say "You suck!" or something like that. She's nice.) The other great thing she does is point out where she thinks the reader needs more information. Sometimes I think I am writing for myself. I have to stop and realize the reader has no idea who Rick Ruiner is. He may be famous to me, but not to someone in Boston.

Well gotta get back to writing. Whaddaya think I do? Sit around and blog all day?