Sunday, July 15, 2007


What a great week. We celebrated Willie's 12th birthday at The Zap Zone with a party of 15. (Dylan won a free party there on the first day of summer vacation.) The kids had a ball. My sons have chosen the nicest kids to be friends with and it was a pleasure to see everyone having so much fun.

Dylan completed his gym requirement last week so summer school is officially over and he'll have more free time. (He went to school 4 hours a day.) By taking gym in the summer, he'll have the opportunity to take an extra elective in the fall. He got his course schedule already and he's pysched. He also got his sports physical last week. He's 5'-6" and weighs 114 lbs. He's soooo skinny. He continues to run and work out with the high school soccer team 3 days a week.

I am very close to completing my manuscript for Rock Star Mommy. I have less than 2000 words to go. There is one very special person I want to interview for book before I am finished. I want the book to end on the highest note possible. In the meantime I got a list of my publisher's pre-publication promotion plans that included many exciting ideas.

The Mydols are busy making plans for 2008 too.

And last but not least, we had dinner with Frank and Kim and the adorable Carolina at the famous Lafayette Coney Island. We are honored to be part of the "Carolina does Detroit" photo series featuring the 13-month-old cutey (she a dead ringer for Dora the Explorer) at points of interest throughout the city--not to mention, eat the best Coney dogs in the State of Michigan. Frank shared the story of when we did a presentation to the Mayor of the City of Detroit urging him to save Tiger Stadium and he ordered out for Layfayette Coney. I don't think Dylan and Willie believed him but it took John and I back.