Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yesterday was my big TV day. I got to spend 4 hours on a sound stage at Grace and Wild Studios answering phones during a pledge drive for DPTV. It was a national feed with the Cosmetic Cop, Paula Begoun.

I really enjoyed it. First off ALL the volunteers were so sweet. It made the time go by quickly. Next I love cosmetics! I learned a LOT listening to Paula. But the real reason I got a kick out of it was seeing how real TV works and how many people are involved in the decision making process. I watched the director pick and choose who should sit next to who in the phone bank based on age, sex, clothing color etc. I watched the talent improvise their lines. It was really fun to watch the stage manager's signal the talent to look in certain cameras, wind things up--he used all kinds of hand gestures. He looked like a third base coach. We also got to watch them break down a set and put up a new one in under 20 minutes. All very impressive. I got a couple of ideas I want to try on YOUneek TV!