Sunday, August 23, 2009


Every once and a while I get a scoop on something new and fun to look forward too that is local. I just found out that a new children's consignment store is opening in Berkley around Labor Day. It's called Dandelion. Their tag line... because kids grow like weeds!

Here's what we moms can look forward to.

Dandelion is a children's consignment store located at 2666 Coolidge in Berkley. They'll be taking in and selling gently used - name brand items, that are quality, and worthy of reselling.

Dandelion feels it's something that's good for our local area. It helps parents save money, make money, stimulates the local economy, brings more foot traffic to Berkley, and at the same time they're a GREEN business. YAY!! They're recycling and re-using items. They have plans in the works to sell eco-friendly baby products, slings, carriers, ergo carriers, chico bags, handmade clothing made from local artists, and jewelry made by local artists--within the FIRST year. (If everything goes smoothly.)

I wish Dandelion nothing but the best in their endeavors and only wish they were around when my kids were little. I can't wait to get invited to a baby shower!