Thursday, September 18, 2008


This has been such a crazy week I forgot to write about Joe Biden! I got to shake his hand at a rally in Flat Rock. I was given a VIP pass for taking a stranger into my house. (A campaign staffer from Georgia arrived last Saturday.)

It was kind of crazy--considering how little free time I have--to drive almost to Toledo. It ended up being great BECAUSE I got to talk to White House correspondent Don Gonyea of NPR. He was there covering the campaign and I actually know him from his days in Detroit on the U.A.W. beat for WDET. Get this, his daughter was born the day before Dylan at the same hospital. 15 1/2 years ago as we were driving to Beaumont we heard about the birth of Don's daughter. After I settled in, John took off to look for him leaving me to do my deep breathing by myself. (So much for the natural childbirth classes John took with me!) Well he found Don, and before they checked out of the hospital, the Gonyea's came into my room with their little girl who scored a perfect 10 APGAR score. I was so jealous. Dylan only got an 8.