Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Shortly after I started the Mydols I had a conversation with comedian Thom Sharp. Thom said to me “Judy if you want to be in show business, your whole life will be an audition. You always have to be your best.”

I remembered that. And the times we played in empty bar rooms for 5 or 6 drunks, I gave it my all. And you know what? At a show like that, there always seemed to be one guy who would come up to us at the end of the evening and say “I really loved your show” and then tell us he was a music writer or maybe had a college radio show, and I was glad I played like it was Lollapalooza!

I just read a really cool book this week called “The Celebrity Experience: Insider Secrets to Delivering Red-Carpet Customer Service” by Donna Cutting that offers the same sort of practical advice my friend Thom gave me for being successful.

It’s a really unique book for business owners and entrepreneurs (and even wannabe rock stars like me) on how to turn your clients (and fans) into lifelong customers by treating them like superstars. It combines the “best practices of the Hollywood celebrity scene with those of the business world”.

For example, there’s a section on swag (Stuff We All Get).

Celebrities, who have it all, still expect swag at award ceremonies and the like. They enjoy walking away with baskets filled with expensive gifts and gadgets. Cutting explains the business logic for giving away goodies—it creates buzz.

Cutting says swag can "go a long way toward making your customers feel as though they've been treated like someone special. And when you've made them feel special, they will tell their friends."

Over the past 6 years the Mydols have given away buttons, stickers, CDs, magnets—even paper dolls—yet after reading “The Celebrity Experience” I am determined to more. The book offers that sort of inspiration—to push the limits.

Cutting really covers a lot of red carpet in 226 pages. Each chapter has an action plan and “Celebrity Sightings”. It’s a must read!

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