Sunday, September 14, 2008


The new Mydols featuring April Boyle, Wensdy White and me!

Ben, our house guest, arrived late last night. He drove through the pouring rain all the way from Georgia. My son Willie couldn't wait to greet him. He's young and orginally from the DC area. We showed him his room, gave him the password to use the Internet and watched TV with him. We are so happy he is here to help Michigan for Change. Ben went to bed early because he had to get up at 8 AM. I made him some breakfast--his first homemade meal in months--and gave him a house key. He was out the door by 9 AM and it's almost 7:30 PM and he hasn't been home. His dedication is an inspiration.

It's rained all day. I wrote a story about D-PAN (Deaf Performing Artists Network) and turned it in. It will be in Filter magazine next Thursday. (I think.)

David Reed called and I made my only trip outdoors to go pick up the Mydols photo shoot disc. I was really happy with the pix.