Friday, July 18, 2008


This morning I took Dylan to the doctor for an infection. He's ok. I ended up using one of my sick days. It was nice to be around the house in the morning with the boys. Willie and I decided to go up to Game Stop and spend some of his birthday money. On the way there we noticed a lot of commotion on 11 Mile Road. They were filmming a movie and we saw Clint Eastwood! It was pretty exciting.
I spent a lot of the afternoon doing some PR stuff for my upcoming book signing at Barnes & Noble in Royal Oak on July 27. I managed to get Laurie Lindeen on Detroit Today. You can hear her interview next Friday on WDET at 11 AM.
This evening I judged the Farmington Idol contest for the second year in a row. There were 10 contestants. It was brilliant. The first girl blew me away. She was just a teenager and she sang and played the guitar. She made me cry.
Every day and night of my life this week has been busy. Mydols' soccer games, band practice, The Miss Founder's Day Pageant, The Big Idea...and it doesn't slow down. This weekend the boys and I are campaigning for Senator Obama and we have 2 parties to go to and I have more band practice. Next week the Mydols play in Chicago on Thursday. We have performances in Northville and Royal Oak next Saturday and Sunday. On Monday the 28th my in-laws celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.