Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Got a baby shower coming up? The Mydols' have a unique gift idea for you!

Inspired by Mydols' bass players (past and present) we 've got a gift bundle for your bundle of joy: a "my mom rocks" baby bodysuit and the single "Lullaby". Our former bassist's father, James Caldwell, wrote the lyrics to this song in 1964 for Paige.


Ask your Mom to change your diapers
for a pair of windscreen wipers.
We can fix them on with bits of wire.
These will keep your bottom panel
cleaner than those bits of flannel
and should stop you sitting in the mire.
All your grown-up aunties
wear lacy things called panties
to which one day you no doubt will aspire...
But until that day is coming
we will keep the wipers humming
and will keep your little tail a darn sight drier.

Our current bassist Wensdy is pregnant!

You can order the cute set at

BTW the cute baby on the front of the CD is Dylan!