Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Argh! We had band rehearsal last night and I fumbled through a song called "Bop It". I practice it and practice it and when I play it--9 times out of 10--I mess it up. It's a true self-fullfilling prophecy. I'm afraid I'll suck and I DO! It is so frustrating. And it's ONLY that song. It scares me. It's a curse!!

(The Mydols travel to Chicago next Wednesday for two big shows so we are practicing like mad.)

Tonight, I'm a judge for The Miss Founder's Day contest at the Civic Theater. The girls are all teens. I spent last weekend reading their bios. They each had to write an essay and they were all really good. I was really pleased. On Friday, I'm a judge at Farmington Idol--a singing contest. Being a judge is hard work when there are so many talented people out there. I can really relate to Paula Abdul. I wish everyone cuold win!