Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yesterday I had a book signing at the Northville Candle and Gift Shop with Laurie Lindeen. Much thanks goes out to Beverly Lindeen (Laurie's Step Mom) for hosting a really terrific event complete with wine, cheese, fruit, cookies...Yikes! I ate a lot! After the signing the Mydols played at the Chase bar in Northville. Laurie joined us at the end of our set. The Northville Record was on hand to tape the whole darn thing. I really want to thank the Mydols' bass player, Wensdy, for setting up the whole thing. She did a really great job. Also thanks to Johnny Miller for driving back and forth from Ferndale to pick up various equipment so we would sound great and to Kara to for driving in from Lansing to sing. She is one busy girl!

Today I spent most of the morning working on a slide presentation for my in-law's 60th Anniversary. That's right. 6-0! Amazing. I was so wrapped up in it that I nearly was late for my book signing at Barnes & Noble today. We had a really great crowd. Laurie and I signed. The Mydols played. It was magic.

I will post all the various press we got when I get a minute to catch my breath!