Thursday, January 7, 2010


My teenage sons could eat pizza every day of the week if I let them. And to be honest, between being in a band and being school 5 days a week and trying to launch a new business, I cave in more than I probably should.

BUT I was delighted, and didn't feel guilty, when I received coupons for FREE Red Baron Fire baked pizza. They carry them at Hollywood Market (across the street from my house) so I got a few. We tried the fire baked Classic Pepperoni. Yum. The boys loved it and I did too. Honestly, it tasted as fresh as anything I could have had delivered from the pizza dude--and it was faster too. (Pizzas around here take 45 minutes to deliver.) And no delivery charge when you make it yourself!

I am pretty darn happy. And even happier that I have a few more coupons left! I'll be giving them away on our Facebook 'Fan' page.

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Have a pizza on the Mydols! (Not on top of us--just provided by us!)