Saturday, March 14, 2009


So I have taken the leap to be self-employed. I've never been busier. I have web design work, logos and brochures to design. I have events to plan and a bands to book. My former boss, Rick, says I need to focus. But it's hard. I want to do it all.

I really enjoy working from home. I like the fact that I see my kids in the morning and the dogs lay by my feet all day. I like getting escaping during the day and meeting new people. It's all very exciting.

Here's one fact about working from home that I don't like. (I found this on

Women who work from home and are more frequently exposed to household toxins and poor air quality are 50% more likely to develop cancer.

That scares me. So I am joining the green movement. Band mate April is showing me the way, as is new BFF Lyne from ecostores USA. Lyne is passionate about her family's health and she's bringing ecostore products (without nasty chemicals) to Michigan. Her determination is infectious.

Today I'm going to Meijers with my kids and we're going to interview customers about living green. We're apostles spreading the word. Look for a "special" green Vlog on St. Patrick's Day with interviews about genuinely green and clean living.

In the meantime my friends at ecostore have a coupon for you! Click here to get it.