Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I am reading Lynn Serafinn's "The Garden of the Soul". It is a big book with a big message. For me, the timing is so perfect.

These days I struggle to be organized. I have so much I want to accomplish and I find myself spinning in circles wondering God has in mind for me. What direction is right for me?

In my frazzled state, Lynn's writing is so calming. From "Lesson from the Rose".

I am strong
I am strong enough to know my limitations.
Strength, in part, is tolerance.
Pateince, the means to that tolerance.
To myself do I first owe that patience
For in truth--
the only person
with whom I shall spend all my days
is I.

That message is so powerful. As is everything I have read so far. I have my nose deep into it. And my heart deeper still. I am looking for answers in my life and I am finding them in the garden. And let me tell you the aroma is beautiful.

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Yesterday, the book blog tour stopped at Heidi Richards Mooney Blog at WE Magazine for Women talks about the book and author.

And tomorrow it continues with Lola Fayemi. She interviews Lynn about her journey with finding her soul and self.

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