Saturday, March 28, 2009

It came out in December but I just heard about it. I was shocked to find out there is a whole page on the Mydols and me! I was a guest on his CNBC show and later he had the whole band on with Marianne Williamson which was a GREAT honor.

I come into play on page 45, in the chapter called "Make Love, Not Work". Under the subtitle "Living Loud" it reads:

"This one will blow you away. At age 42, Judy Davids made a career decision most girls make as teenagers. She decided to become a rock star. And that's not all. She had no training and didn't even know how to play an instrument! Yet over night Judy went from soccer mom to rocker mom."

It goes on to tell the story of the Mydols with such great writing that even I was inspired by us! There is a "The Big Lesson" sidebar that reads:

Be bold about following your dream. The marketplace responds to boldness.

Well needless to say I am gobsmacked to be in this book. What an honor. The page about the Mydols ends with a quote from ME! It says: "As long as you have passion and fun, and are constantly learning and evolving, you can do anything."

The book is $25.95 and is hard cover. Check it out next time you're at the book store!