Saturday, February 14, 2009


Last night we went to my mom's house and we brought a puzzle of St. Peter's with us. It pretty much took all night to make. (We left at 10:00 PM with just the sky left to do--my mom finished it at 11:50 PM.) It's funny how something so simple can be soooooo relaxing.

This morning The Mydols had band practice at 9:00 AM. Laura had candy for everyone and Johnny made us all Valentines. It seemed like grade school all over. It was so sweet. We learned a couple of new songs and since April is in Chicago---I sang! And I really loved it. Better hurry back April!! I was ready to chuck my guitar to the wind.

After practice I went to FLIP Salon in Ferndale and got my hair chopped off. It's chin lengh now and it is so cute. I love my new look. When Barack says we need CHANGE--I listen!

I also checked out Flirty Fashions in Rochester today. WOW WOW WEE WOO. That store ROCKS!! I LOVED it.

We're off to the other Grandma's tonight for stir fry. I LOVE my family. Family equals LOVE!