Sunday, February 22, 2009


So I went out of town for a few days with my family and a couple of the kids' friends. We went to Ontario. We happened to arrive the same day Obama did and it was HUGE news. It was amazing to watch the coverage. I think Canadians like him more than me. NAW! Nobody likes him more than me except for maybe Michelle.

On Thursday I was very honored to participate in a conference call with Jimmy Fallon. He talked about his upcoming show--Late Night with Jimmy Fallon--with a handful of reporters or the media elite as I like to call us. Ha ha.

Ok. Our phone in Canada is one step away from being a can on a string. No we don't have to climb a telephone pole but we do have a PARTY line. Before we talk we have to speak to an operator and give her our phone number. It's very old-fashion. Oh, and it's a rotary dial phone, so you can imagine my disappointment when I was told to press *1 if I had a question. No can do--so I had to listen to other reporters. Luckily they were VERY prepared and had some good questions.

One of the most anticipated aspects of the show is the house band--The Roots. A lot of excitement there. (I think the Mydols were probably his second choice.) Jimmy also talked about some upcoming guests we can expect, how he met his wife (very sweet story) and how he landed the job from Lorne Micheals. Oh and he talked about Tina Fey which was a big bonus for me. Love her.

After having produced ONE episode of Mydols.TV, the thing I was most interested in was how he prepares for his now job. He gave lots of insight. He's very thoughtful--that's a big thing for a mom like me. He also is going to be doing a lot of stand up--staying in touch with real people.

I was pretty impressed with him and I can't wait to see the show. Oh one more thing--he's young and he's in tune with how the Internet works and how much time people spend on it. So look for him to have a really cool website. In fact check it out right now: and then go clean your room.