Sunday, February 8, 2009


On Friday afternoon the Mydols had a meeting with Bob Brown of Purple Rose Films. It was certainly interesting and thought provoking. I was hoping for answers, but I was left asking myself a lot of questions about my life and the choices I make. But that is good. Thinking is good.

Friday night I had a group of folks come over--about 10 people. We hosted an Organizing for America meeting and we all watched a video with Gov. Tim Kaine answering questions about the Stimulus Plan. It's the first such meeting I have organized and I really didn't know any of the people who came to my house (except for Tracy and Tom) but I was really happy with the outcome. It was such a nice group and a group committed to CHANGE. I feel empowered to speak out and it's a great feeling.

On Saturday, I was the inspirational speaker at the Antioch Lutheran Church in Farmington Hills. I was asked by a co-worker and I was so honored. I spoke about the Epiphany and what it means to me and I was an emotional mess. I was so embarrassed as I gave my teary-eyed speech but I truly believe in following your star wherever it may lead. I think God has plans for all of us--big plans. I don't necessarily think God wants me to be a Rock Star but when I look back at all the fundraisers the Mydols have played I begin to see a pattern. Like today, the Mydols are playing at a fundraiser for Colin Hubbell at the Magic Stick. Unfortunately I will NOT be there. I twisted my ankle at my soccer game today. I am more than a little nervous. I have not seen a doctor. I am going to wait until tomorrow and see what kind of pain/swelling I have. I am hoping I'll be ok. I'll be bummed if I broke anything. Well time to lie down some more.