Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Last night I was on the BIG IDEA with Donny Deutsch via my web cam. Technology is great. I simply logged into this "meeting" website and put on a headset I purchased at Radio Shack and I was able to interact with Donny and his guests in New Jersey. Admittedly, I was a tiny part of the show but it was still cool to be able to sit in my home office and appear on a national TV show.

I had a really busy weekend. The Ann Arbor Book Festival was great. I really enjoyed my panel discussion. The other authors were fascinating. And the performance by the Mydols was FANTASTIC. We had a really great crowd, especially considering the weather was really cold and blah! I think the folks in Ann Arbor are really open-minded and up for anything! They were dancing in the street while we played.

On Sunday I went to The Tribute to Grahm at the Magic Bag in Ferndale. I have so much respect for Judy Moon and her new book "Grahmmy and the 'Flying Bus'". It was a great event and I am really grateful to have met Judy.