Thursday, May 29, 2008


The Mydols did a photo shoot today at 4 Green Fields with Brad Ziegler. The picture will appear in DBusiness. I know the Mydols don't seem like businesswomen but that is the fun of it. We were all seated at a table with guitars in hand and there was a mob all around us. I saw a couple of the shots. They were great.

I am doing a really fun writing assignment for Strut Magazine and I pitched another idea to Vital today. I love writing for magazines.

Last night I met with my memoir writing class at Gilda's Club. One of my students bought me the COOLEST purse. It says "ROCK ANGEL" on it. It means so much to me. My students at Gilda's are so wonderful--many of them have been battling cancer for a long while but you would never know it. They are all so much fun to be around.

What else? Oh I am going to judge a couple of contests this summer. I'll judge the finals of Farmington Idol for the third year in a row and I'll also be judging the Miss Farmington Pageant.