Sunday, May 4, 2008


I feel like I've barely had time to breathe the last few days.

The Mydols were the musical guest on the Mitch Albom Show last Friday. We got to play 3 times and we were smashing! Yay! I think even Mitch was impressed. He said we've improved since the last time we saw him. He joked he "even heard us play 2 chords" this time. He was REALLY kind and funny and the time flew by so quickly. Thanks Mitch and Kenny for having us on. (Like they read my blog.)

Saturday was Mamapalooza at the Detroit Zoo and despite the horrific weather, it went really well. The Mydols played first and we had a rough start but after that it all went swimmingly. The rest of the lineup included Sara Covatta, The Aprons, Robin Moore, Maggie McCabe and Cindy Anderson. MOMS ROCK!

Today is the BIG book signing at Barnes & Noble. The Mydols will play about 3 songs and then sign books!