Saturday, March 15, 2008


I am really having a ball here in Austin. I continue to meet amazing people every day.

I went to a panel discussion today on rock memoirs. It was really fascinating. I mainly wanted to hear Laurie Lindeen. I really learned a lot. (Andrew Loog Oldham the Rolling Stones' manager/producer and author of "Stoned", was also on the panel--he was REALLY interesting.) After the panel Laurie stopped by our booth and we talked for awhile. I was telling her about Mamapalooza and she said she would love to play. She has family in Michigan. I'm going to contact her when I get home. I really like her.

We had some press/media stop by our booth including the Austin Chronicle and the Jim Lehrer News hour. I also got my picture taken for this Internet SXSW party thing. I did another interview for SXSW TV that was blasted on big plasma screens across Austin and last night John and I went and saw X and it was broadcast live on Direct TV. (X sounded great. I love John Doe--he has one of my favorite rock voices of all time.)

We were treated to dinner by Kathy and her husband Steven and had a great time. Steven's music tastes run along the same lines as John's and they had a great conversation about early punk music.

After dinner we went and saw X at the Bat Bar (as I mentioned above). It was packed and well worth the hour wait in line.