Sunday, March 16, 2008


I had a hard time sleeping on Friday night. To my surprise I worried about my book signing. What if nobody showed up? (I usually never worry about nuthin'.) Well I must have some sort of angel. Andrew Loog Oldham, the producer of the ROLLING STONES and best selling author had to reschedule his signing and on Saturday morning when I got to the Trade Show I saw on the board that I was signing with HIM! I ran back to tell Tiffany and who should be at the Rockin' Mom booth but Gary Graff of the Oakland Press. I talked to him. I could barely contain my joy. He said he got a copy of my book and is going to do a review of it and he is going to include me in his SXSW news.

We talked to lots more media types on Saturday. Laurie Lindeen stopped by again and hung out with me. She lives in Minnesota. I'm hoping she'll come and see the Mydols in April at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I am going to review her book for and I am also going to review Dayna Steele's Rock to the Top. (I met Dayna at the Trade Show too.)

I did a cool interview with Uncensored Interviews, won a free ad on Undiscovered Radio...It was my lucky day. After the show I stopped by the Bust Magazine Party for a little while. Later we hooked up with Kathy and Steven to see Clem Burke's band Magic Christian. They really rocked. Paul Kopf (the lead singer) is such a sweetheart. Went to another party with Kathy and I ended the night hosting the GoGirls Party at a bar called Trophy's.

It was quite a day!