Monday, November 23, 2009


I don't have school this week so I am trying to catch up on my personal life and do my "over-the-break" homework. Here's what I did today:

Walked the dogs.
Called printers about CD packaging.
Finished reading"You're Marketing Sucks"
Drove to Ann Arbor to pick up an order.
Took Dylan to the dentist.
Did a little Christmas shopping in town.
Took Dylan to the eye doctor.
Went grocery shopping.
Discussed the Mydols video with the director.
Had a friend drop by.
Wrote a book review for Rockin' Moms.
Worked on a website for South Oakland Citizens for the Homless.

And it's like 6 PM. I have a phone conference for Mamazina (a mom literary magazine) in an hour. After that I read "Purple Cow" (another marketing book).

And tomorrow I am even busier! YIKES!