Friday, July 24, 2009


Earth Angels Relief did our first event today. Together with the Little Caesar's Love Kitchen, Sheesh Restaurant, and Frosty Freeze we fed about 40 people at the Welcome Inn in Berkley. The luncheon was fantastic. Great food. Great people. I brought a video camera with me and did quite a few interviews. There were people there who found out about the pizza party at bus stops. People who hadn't eaten a "real" meal in months. Everyone was so happy. I brought my sons with me and they served pop. I asked my 14 year old if the guests were nice. He said "Yeah. And they're really polite. More polite than most people."

As we were leaving one of the young men who ate with us asked me if I could give him a ride to Woodward. I said sure. I was a little uneasy but he was so sweet. And so young. His name is Vic. 

He got in my van with me and the kids. I felt kind of bad. Dylan had soccer practice before the lunch and had taken off his shoes. The van stunk like rotting grass--so much so that we stopped for Fabreeze on the way to the Welcome Inn. Willie said the air freshener just made the van smell like "pretty stink". Vic was nice enough to pretend not to notice.

On the drive to the bus stop I ask him what his plans were. He said he was going to take the bus and go back to Detroit. I said "No. I mean what are your plans for your life?" I looked at him. He was so darn cute,  A boyish kind of cute. He said "I'm just trying to stay out of trouble." Then he added "I just got out of jail." I felt a cringe of uneasiness in my stomach.

"What were you in jail for?"

"Retail fraud, " he said. "My friend is in jail for 5 years. Home invasion." He softly repeated "I'm trying to stay out of trouble." He just stared ahead.

I gave him all the money I had $11. I was felt bad I didn't have more. 

I came to the light at Woodward and I stopped. "There's a bus stop. I will pray for you" I said. "I believe in the power of prayer." He said nothing. Got out of the car. Smiled. His smile is so beautiful. When I turned the corner he was sitting in the bus shelter. I waved. He waved back.

I thought about that young man all day. I wonder what chance he has of finding a job in this economy? In this state. With a criminal record. It breaks my heart. What kind of chance does he have?

He told me he lives down by hockey arena and I thought about going and looking for him. He told me he hadn't eaten a "real meal" in two months. I cannot stop thinking about him and wondering how he will survive. I don't want him to end up in jail again.