Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today was a day like no other--full of life's ups and downs.

I got up early to go to ROMS. I am doing a mini doc on the school's music program and have been following the band around for a couple of days. (On Friday I get to go to Cedar Point with the kids and film them marching and entertaining the crowd.)

From there, I met Alison. I was late. But we had a really great meeting and came up with a killer TV show idea. I don't want to share too much--but it's good. Really good.

After Alison, I met with Teri. I was late again but we had a really productive meeting. We have a retail partner for a project we are working on for the homeless of Oakland County. I can't wait to write about what we're up too, but until we have everything worked out I am reluctant. But a big piece of the puzzle was set in place today. We have a partner. A BIG partner.

Finally this evening, I worked a project for my dear friend Barb. I met her in a memoir writing class I taught at Gilda's Club. She was my star student. For the last couple of weeks I have been helping her put together a book of short stories about her cat of 19 years--Ollie. Barb is battling lung cancer. I went and visited her in the hospital yesterday. She looked so frail, but beautiful. She's having a hard time talking but not listening. I could tell she was aware of everything going on around her, but she didn't say much.

Tonight I got together with my other students from Gilda's and we each read one of Barb's stories. I'm going to bring Barb a CD tomorrow. I know she will love listening to all her great tales about her beloved cat.