Monday, November 10, 2008


I voted for this guy. I practically gave up 2 months of my life. I knocked on over 500 doors. One weekend I knocked on so many doors, I won a contest--tickets to an Obama event at North Famington High School. Willie ended up in the newspaper the next day in a photo of Barack. (He was seated in the bleachers behind him.) About a week later I got to MEET Joe Biden and shake his hand. Pretty exciting stuff.

Now with the campaign behind me, I am trying to catch up with MY life. On Friday, Dylan and I graduate from our TV production class. Tomorrow I'll take a stab at editing a TV show called Oakland Inspired that will air in December.

I am also doing another kind of editing. I'm going through essays for my Gilda's Club project--"Stories from Behind the Red Door." I'm in LOVE with this book! I couldn't be prouder of my students.

Over the weekend, I read a memoir by this guy I know. Holy cow! It was great. He needs to find a publisher. I couldn't put it down. It chronicles all his dates and relationships. It's funny, tragic, heartwarming, weird, remarkable. At times, it makes you laugh. Other times it makes you squirm. Way to go Joe!