Sunday, November 23, 2008


Of all the creative things I've attempted--music, writing, animation, web design, interior design--nothing has been more challenging than producing TV. I just finished my television production course and I am in the midst of producing my first 1/2 hour show for public access television. I cannot believe how HARD it is. I have HOURS of time into my show and I have about a minute of tape ready. Television has elements of everything I have ever done.

Music--Yep. TV requires a soundtrack.
Writing--I have to write a story arc and voice over narrative.
Animation/Web Design--Lots of similar concepts, like fades and timelines. (Good thing I know Flash!)
Interior Design--Set design, color, composition--it's all there.

So while I love the creativity of TV, it is so hard. I have taped interviews where the image is beautiful but the sound is messed up and then revisited it to get great audio but crappy exposure. ARGH!

I think this is why so much TV sucks. Folks just run out of time and have to settle for something less than perfect.

One other thing. Last night I MC-ed a fundraiser at AJs in Ferndale to raise money and toys for children at Beaumont Hospital. It was truly a great experience.