Friday, November 21, 2008


I just read a copy of Travel Writing as a Freelancer…Your Own Guide to Getting Published by Wendy VanHatten. As a freelance writer, I am curious about travel writing. My husband, kids and I have been to 48 states. Our goal is to see all 50 before my oldest son graduates from high school in 3 years. I have long thought our travels would make an excellent magazine article. Wendy's book got me excited.

She offers great advice from finding a market to writing a query letter. I liked the format of the book. It's sprinkled with assignments. They really got me thinking and helped me organize my thoughts. The information Wendy offers is useful to any kind of writing--not just travel writing but that is what she is certainly focused on.

Here are the topics covered in the book:

Topic Number One: Specializing & Specifics
Topic Number Two: Bright Ideas
Topic Number Three: Selling Your Article
Topic Number Four: Building Blocks
Topic Number Five: Story Structure & Headlines
Topic Number Six: Writing Finesse
Topic Number Seven: Travel Photography
Topic Number Eight: Toning Up
Topic Number Nine: Ethics & Etiquette to Nuts & Bolts

You can get more details and pick up a copy of the book at Travels and Escapes.

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