Sunday, October 5, 2008


My next big project is redecorating my son Willie’s bedroom. He’s recently decided he wants to move into the guest bedroom although I am not quite sure why. I suppose it’s a little bigger, and on the first floor next to the kitchen. (Willie's my snacker.) The room he wants has been used as everything— from a nursery to a TV room to a game room to an office—you name it. Most recently it was used by Jee Yeon, our foreign exchange student. At the moment, AJ (our latest house guest) is using it until after the election. (AJ is a staffer for Michigan's Campaign for Change.)

I told Willie after AJ leaves we can redecorate the room any way he wants.

As I was searching around the Internet for furniture I stumbled across a website that had some really inspiring furniture—though not for teenagers but for sophisticated adults. It's very sleek and chic and oh so peaceful looking. The site is

Check out their wooden beds . I would love to curl up in the Canton four poster wooden bed for a nice long nap and drift away to a peaceful place where no kids need to be driven to soccer pitches, no dogs are barking in the yard at the squirrels, and there are no piles of clothing that need folding. (I also checked out the chests of drawers . I could use those too.)

Lombok's so-called “eastern inspired living” is not typically my cup of tea. My house is colorful and busy—maybe a little too busy. These days when I'm feeling over-stressed and over-tired a little luxury would certainly be a nice and romantic welcome! Rustic wood and white linen—may I lie down now?

I toured the rest of the Lombok site and found they have it all: desks , sofas , TV cabinets, dining tables and more.

Alas, my dream(y) furniture is in the UK. They do however make arrangements for International Delivery.

I’ll put it on my to-do list when I am less stressed out. :)

Now where was I? Oh yeah, back to finding some cheap teen furniture.