Sunday, October 5, 2008


I have really been busy to even blog. I have gotten so far behind in EVERYTHING. I have made more promises than I can keep. SO today I snuck away to my office and I am desperately trying to catch up. So far I have designed a T-shirt for a band called "Purdy Good", finished up a short Yoga video featuring the Mydols' lovely lead singer--Ms. April Boyle and designed the DVD packaging for "MOMZ HOT ROCKs". (You can see the rough draft above.)

Still to do: Update my personal website, write a website review, post a cool book review of "Rock Star Mommy", update the Royal Oak Middle School website, make phone calls for the bagel sale at the middle school, publicize the Mydols' songwriting contest, and attend a precinct meeting this afternoon to get out the vote. (We have a new campaign staffer living with us until November 5. Welcome AJ! She is SUPER cool and hails from Califonia.) I'm sure there is more stuff to do too ( I just can't remember it all). Gotta get back to work!!