Thursday, August 26, 2010


Every once and awhile, because I'm a mommy blogger, I get asked to do something really cool. Yesterday was one of those days. I got to sit in on a conference call with Rob Reiner. The minute I heard his voice I recognized that delightful New York accent.

Now to be truthful, I haven't heard much about his new movie "Flipped". But it was so interesting listening to him and Penelope Ann Miller talk about it.

It's a movie about growing up, families, first love and values--and the theme really is how our families shape our values. And what makes us rich as people doesn't have much to do with money.

I liked it when Rob said he just keeps making the same movie over and over--the boy meets girl movie. And why is it that the girl is always so much wiser and mature? And why are boys so clueless and confused? It was fun to hear him talk. We (about a dozen mommy bloggers) all chuckled.

I am really excited to see this movie. Sounds like it's the kind of film that you can see with your kids and everyone enjoys it--and maybe you learn something about yourself and life or maybe just the women "get it" way before men. (That's a good lesson for boys!)

Anyway, if families don't go see this film we send a message to Hollywood that we prefer movies about vampires and aliens. I hope a lot of people see "Flipped" to tell Hollywood we want to see movies about humans. I know I can't wait to see it!

Watch the trailer at: