Monday, October 5, 2009


My husband took me to the movies this weekend. I had so much to do I felt guilty going, but he'd been bugging me for a few weeks to see "It Might Get Loud"--so I went. (John was great last weekend about the whole Family Jewels thing and he went with me to the ALS walk at Saturday--I kind of felt like I owed him.) I really had no interest in this film and on the way to the theatre John told me it got crappy reviews. I sunk into my seat thinking "I'll talk a nice little nap."

Much to my surprise, I LOVED this movie. I enjoyed all the background stories of Jack White, Jimmy Paige and the Edge--particularly the Edge. The Edge seemed to be the only one of the three who was not born with some sort of great musical genius--he just sort of grew into it. He admitted when U2 started they kind of sucked, but they got better and better--and now they are kind of regarded as one of the greatest groups of all time. He was really inspirational.

Of course Jack White is freaking amazing, and Jimmy Paige and Led Zeppelin? What can I say? I feel blessed to say I saw Led Zeppelin in 1977. After 30+ years, it remains one the the greatest shows I have ever seen. I was 17 and I went with 3 girlfriends. We had terrible seats and we wiggled our way to the very front of the stage. I stood before greatness. I would never have dreamt that one day I would be in a band myself. I wish I knew then what I know now. I would have paid a lot more attention to Jimmy Paige instead of drooling over Robert Plant.